Today is 14th April  and two important events are going on. 14th April is known as Ambedkar Jayanti. Today is the 129th birthday of the person who was the main architect of Indian Constitution. And today also the first day of bengali year 1427, which is commonly known as Pohela Baishak. It is one of the most popular and cultural festivals for bengalis.

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar who was popularly known as baba saheb ambedkar born on 14th April 1891, Madhya Pradesh. He was the 1st minister of law and justice. He played a great role of building the Constitution of India. Ambedkar was a man of honor who fought his whole life for dalits and other low caste people who were considered untouchable by upper class hindus. To protect their rights he reserved seats for dalits in every sector. Back then dalits were severely oppressed by brahmins and other upper castes. To reduce this discrimination and to make sure all kinds of people from all over India could get equal rights, he devoted his life. In his 129th birthday MLM Soft and team pay respect to this great person.

Today is bangali new year. It is a very special day for bengalis. Business men consider this day as the opening day for the new year. Most of them arrange laxmi and ganesh puja which is known as halkhata. Bengali families visit temples on this day and wear new clothes. They believe to start the new year with new clothes and spend the day well, so the rest of the year also goes well. Another tradition goes on this day is to eat hilsa fish with panta rice. Many organizations arrange cultural festivals on this day. We wish our bengali friends a happy bengali new year.

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