What Is Binary MLM Plan?

The binary mlm plan is one of the most popular and reputed multilevel plan in this business. Its positive aspect and reviews make it one of the most popular and widely used plan all over the world. A very powerful this of this plan is company and members can be equally benefited by this plan. After joining one can be able to get commission for every member that join in the same leg even without putting so much effort.

Many top mlm companies able to get huge revenue with this plan. In binary plan there are two sides one is called power leg and another one is called profit leg. When one member join in the system, he/she will work to get more people to join as their down line. Hence this process continue to go on. Thus it creates a big tree like structure. And when people starts joining in the system up line people also get commission. Now the percentage of commission and joining charge etc. are decided by the company.

binary mlm plan
binary mlm plan

How does this plan work?

Binary mlm plan is all about increasing the tree size. The bigger it gets the bigger amount of commission one can earn. Suppose R gets to know about abc Mlm Company which based on binary compensation plan. Now R wants to join the company and for that he needs to pay 500 rupee and joining two other members. He shares this idea with his friends and 3 people wants to join. Now two people will be joining directly to R and third one will be joining the next level as right side or left side. R will get commission for joining those two member directly to him. And every members those who joins after that on that same side branch, R will earn a commission percentage. That’s why this plan is very beneficial for everyone.

How does commission calculation work?

Binary calculation depends on company policies. Here I am giving an example to show how it can be done in most cases.
Suppose to join a company system one must pay 3000 rupee. And company is giving its payout money in this way – 1. Direct link 1000 rupee, and pair matching 500 where they need to follow 2:1 pairing rule.
Now A able to join another 5 members. 3 will be placed at left branch and two will be placed at right branch. Now A has one 2:1 pair matching and a node remaining in both sides. These two will go for carry forward to next level.

Capping: Company can add boundary when it comes to get commission based on pair matching. Suppose A got total match of 15 pairs. But company gives condition that they will provide matching income up to 10 pairs. In that case extra 5 pairs will flash out. This is called capping.

Pair type: Pair type can be 2:1 or 1:2 or 1:1. This can vary company to company.

Commission calculation: Commission can be calculated in two different ways.

1. Pair matching: This commission is fixed based on pair matching. So if A joins with 3000 and able to join another 5 members. Then A’s income would be – 5 direct link income 1000*5 = 5000 + 2:1 pair matching 500. Total 5500.
2. Percentage: In this commission calculated on business percentage. Suppose company earn left side 100000 rupee and right side 200000 rupee respectively. Percentage would be calculated based on nodes with lowest business. So A’ income in this case would be 5000+ 10% of 100000.

Stage Binary Plan

Binary is a very popular MLM plan but Stage Binary is rarely popular. In this concept, there is no fix and only binary rate. Means User have the opportunity to increase his own capacity and earn more binary rather than a particular only one stage.
Means after filling any certain condition User could get promoted/qualified to another stage also. No, if his to a down line from both side also qualify for same; the user will get income yes stage binary income.
The company owner can set more than two stages as per his team capacity and knowledge. Stages could be named as silver, gold, diamond, platinum, etc as per the owner choice.