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Single Leg or Mono Leg Plan

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What Is Single Leg Plan or Mono Leg Plan

Single leg or mono leg plan the newest plan of MLM; In this plan designed to make most of the non-working income opportunity and to provide user advantages in terms of profit earning.

In this plan comes with criteria of eligibility of direct referral to get benefited for single leg income process. Here MLM companies fixed income under slab i.e, 50 members for slab 1 and therefore awarded Rs. 500 on achievement. The plan is  simple to understand yet very difficult to mark a calculation in order to make a long & profitable run.

In recent times, we have shown our potential towards MLM Software development for this plan and already developed for our clients.

mlm single leg plan

Advantages Of Single Leg Plan

single leg mlm plan

1.  There is no joining limit for this plan. One can add as many members they want. But only one level of distributor will be available for the entire system.
So the commission will be much better as everyone joining will be your front line (no spillover).

2.  In single leg plan members can earn fair amount of profit without even doing much work.

3.  Distributor who joined earlier need not to worry about joining more members on the system. Because everyone has got same profit leg. So after joining each member, existing members will be benefited.

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