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Our experience developer build a well planned software for your MLM plan. We provide all kinds of software for various types of MLM plan like level plan, uni-level plan, single leg plan, investment plan, helping plan, donation plan and more describe below. Our developers closely monitor each MLM plan before proceed. Besides Our company employees also keep upgrading our self according to latest network model. Therefore, whichever plan our clients like to do business, we always work one step ahead of them and that’s how we provide them  accurate software.

MLM Plan Gallery

All Type MLM Plans

Level Plan

Level plan is one of the most popular and easy to understand mlm plan in multilevel marketing industry. There are many companies running business successfully based on this plan. Simplicity plays a very important role for the success of this plan.

It’s very easy to understand and also very easy to describe to the members . There is no depth limit for this plan.

unilevel plan

Uni-Level Plan

Uni-level MLM plan is a limit less depth plan, that permits you to sponsor only 1 line of distributors, thus everybody you sponsor is on your frontline (i.e no spillover). As there’s no more restriction, you’ll build stronger and longer (length) network down the road. Uni-level MLM arrange is economical for all quite MLM organizations whether they are big or small company.

MLM plan -single leg plan

Single Line / Leg / Mono Line Plan

Single leg plan is very easy mlm business plan. It’s as simple as the name implies. This is also called Linear MLM Plan. It’s all about pertaining to fall into the same mono line

roi investment plan

Growth ROI / Investment Plan

Growth or Investment plan is another attractive business plan of the MLM Industry. There are some investment packages which are made by the company. Now people join the company and provide investment ads per packages he needs. On the investment pack, he will get the benefits on a daily/weekly or monthly basis. This is also called ROI (Return of Interest). 

help plan

Helping Plan

Very latest, unique & dominated into the MLM market in the current year 2013-14; simple give and take policy makes this plan a big thumbs up. Short term money generating system is the USP of this concept. It has also been noticed by various names like Gift plan, Donation plan, Commitment plan, etc. MLMSoft has always been successful in delivering Helping Software with fully loaded features mostly brought by our client(s). We have been highly recommended by our clients in developing most of the Help Plan Software within a given time period.

MLM plan - binary plan

Binary Plan

Binary is the simple and amongst the popular of all MLM plan ever, It has the concept of left leg & right which are placed under sponsored Id and a tail mostly carried in order to make a proper calculation. MLMSoft considers Binary Plan is most reliable in the industry as there is a chance to make a long run where risk factor measured as very low. We always try to deliver Binary Plan Software in an effective and profitable way that can fly up to the peak with the help of our immense Technical experts.


MLM plan - stage binary plan

Stage Binary Plan

Binary is a very popular MLM plan but Stage Binary is rarely popular. In this concept, there is no fix and only binary rate. Means User have the opportunity to increase his own capacity and earn more binary rather than a particular only one stage. Means after filling any certain condition User could get promoted/qualified to another stage also. No, if his to a down line from both side also qualify for same; the user will get income yes stage binary income. The company owner can set more than two stages as per his team capacity and knowledge. Stages could be named as silver, gold, diamond, platinum, etc as per the owner choice.

MLM plan - australian binary plan

Australian Binary Plan / Tri Binary Plan

The Australian Binary in very popular and most favorite concept among many multi-level marketing companies either in domestic or international companies. It is based on Tri-Binary features, in which no pair matching concept. Means? It means every ID holder needs to open their three leg minimum to earn Binary Income. When the third leg work the associate now get Binary Income. Amazing when third leg work Income will be generated.

MLM plan - spill over

Spill over Plan

Spill over MLM plan is also very popular in the domestic and International market. Hereafter the sponsoring two direct you need to sponsor more like a spill. The company has the right to decide whether the manual spill of the auto spill as per rule of extreme left or extreme right. For manual executive can spill anywhere in his team as per choice. Now if the spilled ID gets Income then a certain percentage will go to the introduce. The income could be in any form as per company owner choice. Many companies have seen in Binary and Level Income concept. Means your spilled ID will work for you and you’ll get Income If he is doing business in his own down line.

MLM plan - recharge plan

Recharge Plan

If you want to start your MLM Business by promoting Recharge services in one place like Mobile Recharge, DTH Network Recharge, and Data Card Recharge. Means if you want to spread your business with Mobile Recharge and DTH Services Recharge then repurchase plan will be the best choice for that. A service provider provides you recharge API then it is getting integrated with the software. Now your domain is ready to provide all the services as per API provider. The recharge commission could be distributed among the team as per designation and rank. If you want then also provide franchise and sub-franchise facility as per your need.
generation plan

Generation Plan

If you want to promote any services or product but even with less effort then must go for the generation plan. There is no limit for the agent to introduce people with a limit. He can sponsor as much as he wants according to own will. Thus the team is getting quickly spread to a large area. Now you can promote your product or services to a large distance from you in less effort. 

MLM plan - repurchase plan

Repurchase Plan

If you have so many products that you want to sale by network marketing then this plan is really only for you. Repurchase plan let you give a quick startup with joining so many people in less joining fee. After that, your amazing repurchase attraction prompts them to sale and resale the product under your brand in the market. Thus the associate has a great opportunity to earn so much even in pat time. In the Network Marketing industry, it is treated as a secure and long-lasting plan. There are so many product marketing companies working around you for a long time. The franchise could be added in business flow if required.
MLM plan - rd -fd gap commission plan

RD FD Gap Commission Plan

RD FD Software or MIS Software used for the financial cooperative society or business with daily recurring, fixed deposit. A financial organization can start a business by using this software. This software will manage all the transaction of deposits. To manage all these transactions, due installment of RD, the maturity date of RD and FD, calculating interest rate, managing related Branch office, tracking business of Branch, etc is only possible by the software. This all mentioned fact is too tough to operate manually. If you want to run such business then the software is very necessary for accuracy and quick work. You may also call it Mini Banking System.
MLM plan - ico plan

ICO Plan

Initial Coin Offering plan is a way of gathering investors by getting them selling crypto currency. ICO’s fundraising tools can trade these crypto coins in exchange for crypto currencies of immediate, liquid value. In this plan companies does not sell share but they sell digital coins like Bitcoins, Ethereum etc. But it is a much unregulated process.

MLM plan - bidding plan

Bidding Plan

This Plan is the most popular plan for foreign countries but very less fame in the domestic market. Bidding Plan also is known as Auction Plan. Here people came and have a registration with the company and buy a fund wallet. The company allows other team work income but bidding concept is totally other parts. Admin set a voucher (Like VNH 101) and ask people to participate for Auction. People set the buy price. It keeps going and finally, someone wins the auction. VNH 101 value could be lesser than the bidding amount or even higher. Sometimes the company collect bidding fund and deliver to the Auction winner. Could be also called a Lottery Plan but It’s slightly differing than Lottery Plan.
MLM plan - crypto trading plan

Crypto based Trading Plan

Also known as bitcoin trading. It is an act of buying low and selling high. In this process buyer generally thinks it is a long term investment and apparently price will be higher in future. But it’s true one can make pretty good profit if they can anticipate the market correctly.

ad click plan

Ad Click Plan

Ad click plan is a good opportunity for people to earn money with minimal effort. Sometimes company pay on viewing or clicking ads. But they need to full fill the targeted ads view on a daily or weekly or biweekly or monthly basis.

MLM plan - survey plan

Survey Plan

Survey plan is growing in India on a large scale because it is a non-working plan. This means the members of this plan need not to be add new members to be eligible for the commission cycle and their commission will ne send directly to bank account.

matrix plan

Matrix Plan

A part of generation concept where width and depth are fixed and also known as Forced Matrix Plan; nearly shape of a pyramid. It is a target based plan where the dimension is fixed and therefore everyone knows where to start and finish. A formulated concept of width and depth. 

MLM plan - forced matrix plan

Forced Matrix Plan

Matrix plan is popular but Forced Matrix is not so. Forced matrix plan made the teamwork simplification. There is a commission set for each level. It is placed in sequence from left to right and top to bottom logic. There is no option of manual placement or manual spill. The members will be able to get benefits on the basis on a level he is placed at for a particular payout period. The forced compensation plan encourages more teamwork tank other generation or uni level concept. It requires less effort to set the target and full fill the matrix team and earn benefits set on each level. You can start your own forced matrix in 3x / 4x / 5x or whatever you want.
MLM plan - auto fill pool plan

Auto Fill Pool Plan

People are interested to join this plan for no working income. In this plan one need to add their ID according to company’s rule. Then your ID jumps into auto pool and admin will set the depth.

MLM plan - board plan/revolving matrix

Board Plan / Revolving Matrix

Board Plan is also known as Revolving Plan in the international market. In this plan, a defined set of ID get placed in a norm like top to bottom and left to right. After filling the defined board; Board gets split automatically and the user gets Income. After the Board split two subs – board generated and to top Member of previous board qualified for the higher Board. Thus he gets Income after qualifying from one board to another Board. The business owner can possess more than two Board as per his requirement of business logic set for the calculation. In so many companies there is a condition to enter inboard, could be a number of direct joining or business target.
MLM plan - crowd funding

Crowd Funding

People invest a small amount of money in a business to earn a profit. Now the business owner collects large money from so many investors. The money required to start and run a business accumulated and all the investors get a huge share. This is a win-win situation for both. The core benefit of Crowdfunding concept is: One can start a business in very small amount means investors no need to invest more money for that, can earn a huge profit, requires fewer resources to start the business, even crowdfunding assure you about the earning and your money is safe in it. If you have a sure business idea then you can collect fund and start your own crowdfunding plan.

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