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Mobile Or DTH Recharge Plan

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What Is Mobile Or DTH Recharge Plan?

Initially, the MLM industry used to revolve around adding members, selling a product or service and earning commission from this work. However, this whole process remained with a bit of risk. Particularly for people with no or small funds, it was difficult to make good money from multi-level marketing. To eliminate this thread and to allow everyone to be a part of this thriving business, some new concepts are introduced in MLM. One of those concepts is Mobile Recharge MLM Plan.

As the name suggests, this plan works in simple mobile or DTH recharging or bill payment. Members are required to recharge other people’s mobile phones or DTH, and they get commission as per their work. Apparently, there is no risk involved and members can make more money by working harder. Managing this plan is also easier for the MLM companies as they do not have to manage any special schemes or formula, but just have to look for how their members are working.

mobile or dth recharge mlm plan

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