"This is Just a System, Not a Company"

Company Name is a system. Some people think it is a company or business, but it’s wrong. It is not a kind of business or a Company; it is a community of international, free and self adjusting people. Through SMS you can become your own boss. SMS community is a social virus where there is no guarantee of repayment of any funds; they donate money to help people. The website accounts are the only tool here from which you can help people who need help and also able to sends the data that are willing to provide help. This should be remember that the help is given by people will not be oblige to anyone. If you do not want to give another person free of charge so do not participate in SMS. There are so many people who are eager to indulge in such activity and think only how to earn money so please do not take part in it.

SMS owns no shares transactions, any relationship with the professional participants of the shares market, no shares or any product you do not get! Moreover, it do not give you any guarantees either, no promises, no rules at all. Even if you follow all the instructions precisely, you can still lose all your money and not get help in our community from other participants. We cannot give you any good reason or explanation.

Besides of all these warnings, you are mad too and have decided to participate in SMS (we just do not believe that there are people like that!), then read on. SMS is a Global Mutual Aid Fund. The bottom line is that it is a voluntary informal network of millions of people across the earth, which rose up against the financial slavery. We decided to declare war against the Federal Reserve and the bankers and decided to combine their money for this cause. This community is yours, here, people help each other. This can be said that today you help someone then tomorrow you will be helped out! This is what SMS do and the main principle of SMS. So join us, and let your money help those who actually need help like; Low-income, disabled, Mother of many children and many others. MMM is a kind of one large drawer, where all the people put their money, and then take, as and when needed. When in you are in a difficult time you can lean on, and somebody will come to your rescue that you are not thrown. You can say it a cell of a new society, brighter and cleaner one. It is a new world. Where it will be different, everything will be different. Honestly and fairly where there is no money “Today's money”.

The main ideology and aim of SMS is to strengthening the system of the country. We want that the life of every citizen is dependent upon the power and wealth of the country. That is the reason we are calling all participants to provide help to the country through a system of tax. This is a kind of support where you are helping each other. The community is also looking the positive side of the community as this in turn increases the purchasing capacity of an individual and as a result it influence over the economy. Thus, SMS today is giving the benefit to everyone.

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