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Paid SMS Service

Bulk SMS Service was formed with the dream of making a mark in the IT industry by providing reliable, fast and quality solutions to the corporate and consumer markets. Bulk SMS Service Prioritize Innovation in its development of products and services. We have been Providing SMS service to Corporate throughout India Since 2004. The dedicated SMS servers Installed Across Major mobile operators in India makes our service the most reliable in the industry. We are also providing web and desktop based free sms application without any extra cost. Start integrating sms to your business now and provide better service to your customers. Using our interface you can send Excel based dynamic sms without any extra cost.

At Bulk SMS Service we monitor the competition and convergence in the mobile communication industry and provides advises on strategies that can take advantage of these trends. Given the changing trends of society, where people are reminded to turn their mobile devices off in a movie theatre or a Petrol pump, the implementation of mobile marketing becomes more relevant everyday. In today's media saturated world, businesses are constantly looking for a viable outlet to attract target customers. Over the last decade, traditional media forms such as newspapers, visual media and magazines have become less popular among the masses and by extension, a less formidable way to advertise.

The Way to Alerting...

  • Purchase SMS Credit
  • Compose SMS
  • Select your Recipients
  • Scheduled for Future Delivery
  • Process with Alerting....